Property Management & Electrical Maintenance

Commercial Property Management & Electrical Maintenance

Our qualified and licensed technicians maintain your property year-round. We are licensed and insured in MD and VA, and the District of Columbia. When a property management company contacts J&G Electric Co., Inc., we coordinate preventative maintenance schedules on a monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly basis for inspection of exterior lighting and maintenance needs.

Upon setting up the property for preventative maintenance, the property management team will provide us with a site map. Using this site map, we can identify areas that house panels, photo controls, time clocks, contactors, and any automation device.

By delegating to J&G Electric Co., Inc., a management company is able to:

  • Save Time & Money
    Let us be the first responder rather than wasting the management company's time on troubleshooting phone calls and taking trips to the property inspecting the actual conditions of the property.
  • Provide Better Customer Service
    Let us be the point of contact rather than having tenants or owners calling independently and the property management company's property manager makingnecessary and multiple service calls.

Upon completion of a PM, we provide a detailed list of outages and deficiencies to the assigned property manager. The property management team would then give J&G Electric Company Inc. approval to make the necessary electrical repairs. Generally, we perform all repairs on a T&M (time and materials) rate. We also make recommendations to improve energy efficiency and offer electrical solutions to any challenges.