Residential Underground Cable Fault Locating and Repair

Are your exterior lights or plugs not working or intermittently or continually tripping your circuit breakers or fuses? This could be due to a ground fault, which is where thederground wire has a nick or a cut that is allowing moisture, corrosion, and arching to occur.

We will use our tracing and cable fault locating equipment to findderground bad splices, nicked wires, burned wires, or ground faults. Our technicians will then repair the fault and neatly restore the area.

We will locate and repairderground wiring for:

  • Accent lighting
  • Sub-panel feeders to out-buildings
  • Swimming pool sub-panel
  • Pole lights

If wires are connected to it, we can locate it!

We use three pieces of specialized equipment to locate and repairderground wiring using the following steps:

  • Use the wire tracing equipment to locate cable path
  • Disconnect both ends of the cable
  • Perform an insulation test on thederground wire to confirm issue/problem
  • Utilize our two-part cable fault locating system to locate the wire within a 24-inch area
  • Excavate area and repair cable fault
  • Restore area close to original condition

Utilizing our residential underground cable fault locating and repair service will save you money compared to re-trenching and/or re-installing all new cabling.

The Manchester Fault Line

Master Electrician Joey Bellosi of J&G Electric Co., Inc. takes us through a recently performed cable fault locating and repair job between a site lighting safety switch and a gazebo.

Tracing anderground Cable Fault

A hands-on demonstration by Master Electrician, Joey Bellosi of J&G Electric Co., Inc., of how to locate and repair anderground cable fault.

Underground Cable Fault Locating