Bucket Truck Services

J&G Electric Co, Inc. now provides Bucket Truck Services in Maryland, DC & Virginia!

Our Capabilities include:

  • 37 feet accessibility
  • Complete pole lighting services
  • HID re-lamping / Repairs
  • Retro-fitting/ Replacement of fixtures to LED
  • Consulting Services / Energy Saving fixture installations
  • Power Supplier / Rebate programs

Enhanced Cable Fault Locating and Repair Services

Cable faults have nowhere to hide!

We are equiped to locate and repair cable faults from high above to below ground level!

We will use our bucket truck to find and repair wire or structural problems along poles and other elevated surfaces

We will use our tracing and cable fault locating equipment to find bad underground splices, nicked wires, burned wires, or ground faults.

Our technicians will then repair the fault and neatly restore the area.

If wires are connected to it, we can locate it!

Tracing an Underground Cable Fault

A hands-on demonstration by Master Electrician, Joey Bellosi of J&G Electric Co., Inc., of how to locate and repair an underground cable fault.