Eric Sut, Project Manager and Journeyman Electrician

Eric Sut

As of 06/30/2022, Eric is on extended paternity leave (unknown date of return.)

If you need help or have any questions, please call us at (301) 670-1717

Eric was born in Houston, TX in 1983. After he graduated high school, he was accepted into an electrical apprentice program operated by the U.S Department of Labor. Over the next 5 years he worked full time performing electrical installations while in the program. After graduating at the top of his class and becoming a Licensed Journeyman Electrician, he moved to Gaithersburg, MD and joined the J&G Electric Co., Inc. team.

An excellent Journeyman with over 12 years of electrical experience. From Houston TX. We are very lucky to have Eric on our team. He has over three year's tenure, very knowledgeable and friendly, and provides high quality service to all J&G Electric Co., Inc's clients.
Joey Bellosi, President & Master Electrician

Ashley T., Germantown, MD

I lost partial power to my house immediately following this winter’s blizzard, and that meant that I was without my heat, hot water and clothes dryer, among other inconveniences in the house. I immediately started lining up a few electricians and the power company to come out to my house to assess the cause of the problem so that I could get my heat back on. However, with every call and service appointment I received more and more bad news: that they would have to dig up my entire power line from my meter (two houses down at the end of the townhouse block) to the breaker in my home in order to replace the faulty line and restore my house to full power. That could mean digging up the yards of all three homes, including disrupting or destroying the decks, fences, grass, gardens and even concrete patios along the way. I was told that this would be an extremely complicated, lengthy, expensive, and difficult project (made even more difficult by the frozen ground that was covered in feet of snow at the time). Not only that, but nobody would even come out to start working until the snow had melted. The inside of my house had been frigid cold for days, and I had grown completely frustrated with the lack of customer service from the many folks I’d spoken to about my issue... Until I connected with Eric.

The same day that I first called Eric, he offered to swing by the house to take a look at the outside situation while I was at work. From that moment on, he was extremely communicative and patient with me as we scheduled the next handful of visits for him to come to the house and fully diagnose the problem (indeed, it was a broken line underground), isolate the fault, dig up and replace at the cause of the problem, return everything to its original condition, and even follow up by marking the affected lines. Not only was Eric knowledgeable, punctual, and extremely talented in his craft, but he was also friendly, thoughtful, empathetic, considerate, dedicated, and extremely efficient. He communicated with me every step of the way so I knew where we were in our multi-step process and what I could expect to come next. He was up front with me about the costs of the work and the time that it would take to complete it. And from start to finish I felt completely comfortable knowing that he was going to complete this project and get the heat back on in my house. The best part? He didn’t have to destroy all three yards after all! He dug only where necessary (thankfully in my yard and not either of my neighbors’!) and returned everything just as he found it.

Homeownership comes with its frustrations, unforeseen (and unbudgeted!) expenses and inconveniences – that’s a given. But for ANY future electrical issues or work that I need completed, Eric will be the first and only call. He is simply fantastic.

Thank you!!